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Research Article

Why do women experience stress during infertility diagnosis and treatment? When is the most stressful time?

Volume : 2 Issue : 6

Corresponding Author: Sevcan Fata
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports ( ISSN 2692-9899 )

Research Article

Perception and involvement of men in the family planning of their spouses in the communes of Bamako, Mali

Volume : 2 Issue : 6

Corresponding Author: Ghislain G. Poda
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports ( ISSN 2692-9899 )

Review Article

Collaboration of Art and Science for Decreasing Stigma and Mental Disorders Associated with COVID-19

Volume : 2 Issue : 6

Corresponding Author: Ebrahim Boluki
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports ( ISSN 2692-9899 )

Research Article

A Single Center retrospective five- year- experience of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy on Ureteral Stones: Outcomes and Recommendations

Volume : 2 Issue : 6

Corresponding Author: Hussin J. Hejase
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports ( ISSN 2692-9899 )

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Antibiogram of Catheter-Associated Bacterial Pathogens in Urinary Tract Infection Among Pediatrics Patients in Pakistan

A Retrospective Cohort Study on Neurological Manifestations in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in a Tertiary-Care Hospital in Dubai, UAE

Successful Management of An Advanced Abdominal Pregnancy With A Viable Fetus: A Case Report


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