Policies On Animal & Human Rights

Policies On Animal & Human Rights

The research submitted must strictly adhere to the ethical framework and comply with the law. If any research has been conducted on human or animal subjects, the author must clearly state the procedure in the manuscript. Relevant institutional guidelines and committees must perform this research. 

The author must specify the approved statement from the appropriate committees in the manuscript. 

If editors severely suspect the research has not been conducted within the stipulated ethical framework, they can reject the manuscript on ethical grounds. This policy also applies to manuscripts that have obtained a signature from ethics committees.

During the research, the integrity of the human participants should not be affected. The author must mention the same in the manuscript if the work involves hazardous chemicals or procedures. Animals and human participants must not be affected by the nature of the research. 

  • Informed Consent And Code Of Ethics

Human candidates have the right to privacy and must state their consent to work with the experiment. A written agreement, signed by the participant, must be archived with the author or the journal in compliance with the law. 

Also, any information about the participants should not be shared unless necessary for the article. In such cases, the author must justify why they mentioned personal information regarding the subject. 

However, any identifiable material about the participant that can potentially lead to disclosing the participant’s involvement in the experiment must not be revealed. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain informed consent and maintain the anonymity of their subjects. 

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