Maria Sofia Bianca Cotelli

Maria Sofia Bianca Cotelli

- Ph.D

- Professor

- Italy


Dr. Maria Sofia Cotelli attended Medicine and Surgery faculty, at the University of Brescia (2000-2007), She got Degree in Medicine and Surgery with thesis title: “Exploring Limb-Girdle Muscular Disorders – associated proteins in skeletal muscle of patients with a diagnosis of myopathy”, then she attended Specialization school of Neurology at the University of Brescia where she got degree 2013 wiyh thesis title “Central nervous system involvement in late-onset Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) type II: a functional and structural MRI study”. She is currently working at ASST Valcamonica (Esine-Bs, Italy). She is also attending Byostatistic master for research and scientific publication” at the University of Padova