Ian James Martins

Ian James Martins

- School of Medical and Health Sciences

- Research Fellow

- Australia


Dr. Ian James Martins is an Editor/Reviewer for Open Acess Pub/MDPI journals, Scientific Research Publishing, and various other international journals. Advisory Board Member for Photon Journal. Fellow of  Top Peer Reviewer 2019, Global Peer Review Awards, PUBLONS, RANKING TOP 1% in the field 22 Essential Science Indicators research fields. Chief Editor for International Journal of Diabetes Research (2014-2020), Research and Reviews: Neuroscience (2016-2020), Journal of Diabetes, and Clinical Studies (2017-2020), Advancement in Case Studies (2020-2023), Novel Techniques in Nutrition, and Food Sciences (2020-2023), Global Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism ((2020-2023), Interventions in Obesity and Metabolism (2020-2023) and Journal of Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism (2020-2022). BIT Member (BIT Congress. Inc) with an h-index of 132, citations past 27 years have accumulated to >15,474. 182 INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATES. researchgate ANALYSIS: RG score (> 97.5%) of international SCIENTISTS